OpenOffice and JDBC for data access

From EACTS Congenital Database

It is possible to access the database directly from OpenOffice, using JDBC connection. To do it, take the following steps.

  1. Backup your data. See: data backup.
  2. Download and install OpenOffice 2.0 or newer. You can get it from [1]. Please note that this instruction will not work with OpenOffice 1.x. You need version at least 1.9.
  3. Download Derby from
  4. From downloaded derby archive extract file named derby.jar and place it somewhere on the hard disk. Remember where you put it.
  5. Run OpenOffice. Open tools->Options. Go to>Java. Click on "Class path" button. Click on "Add archive". Find and select the derby.jar file and press "Open". Press OK in Class Path window. Press OK in options window.
  6. Open File->New->Database
  7. Select "Connect to an existing database" and choose "JDBC" database. Press Next.
  8. In the "Datasource URL" type "derby:" and then (without space) the DataCollectionSoftware folder for data. It's normally named "EactsCongenitalDatabase" and placed in your home directory. It should look like this:
  9. In the "JDBC Driver Class" type exactly as shown below:
  10. Press "Next"
  11. You don't need to type in the user name. Press "Next"
  12. Press "Finish"
  13. Type in the file name, for example "eacts_direct". Press "Save"
  14. Click on "Tables" on the left side. You should see the list of tables in the database.

Warning! You can easily damage the database by changing its contents directly!

Above configuration was tested only on GNU/Linux.

Please note: Only one program can access the database folder at a time. This means that you can't open OpenOffice Base and EACTS Congenital Database at the same time.